Great Improvements in Air Conditioning Technology Over the Last Decade

There is nothing better than turning on the air conditioner to cool down when you get home from the summer afternoon heat. Fortunately, air conditioning machines have come a long way in the last decade. Many advances have made more enjoyable conditions in homes, offices, hospitals, and countless other places. It can also save people’s money in a more efficient way that is used for cooling. For those who like chills at any time of the year, here are some great improvements in air conditioning technology over the last decade from NCU HVAC contractors

Automation System

The air conditioning unit has been able to be turned on and off with an automated system for quite some time. However, over the last decade, air conditioning units have been able to change the temperature of individual rooms using automated technology. These systems read the room temperature and adjust accordingly. Not only does this keep the temperature of the whole house just as cool, but it also saves money by not constantly emitting too much energy.

Mobile Access

Smartphones make it easier than ever to manage your home, whether you’re on the go or away from home. Using the mobile application, users can monitor the AC unit to ensure they don’t leave it on when they leave home for morning work. In addition, customers can change the temperature of the house simply by accessing their mobile phone without getting up from the sofa.

HVAC System Improvements

The HVAC system keeps the environment safe with indoor air quality. Without a proper HVAC system, unsafe air can be pumped into your home or office building. Fortunately, HVAC machines are equipped with technology to filter air more effectively while reducing energy costs.

Solar Energy

Air conditioning units can be very expensive to operate. During the summer, energy prices can be high, and it costs money to keep the unit up and running all day. Fortunately, solar energy has enabled more effective use of air conditioning units. These solar units can store energy and use it to power AC units. In a study conducted at Santa Clara University, students showed that the use of this electricity could reduce natural gas consumption by as much as 70%. This is great news for big buildings, but housing changes are welcome as well.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats may be what you’d expect from today’s market, but they are not always in every home or office. Instead, this relatively new technology is becoming the norm, but it’s still an ongoing task. Within the last decade, a programmable thermostat has made it easy to adjust the temperature at specific times of the day without having to individually change the heat and coolness of the room with ineffective dials.

Larger Thermostat Screen

The programmable thermostat was improved only by including a visual screen. LG is the industry leader in thermostat screens, offering options up to 10 inches in viewable space. These screens make it easy to see the temperature of individual rooms, change specific temperatures, and see how much energy is being used.

Split System Air Conditioner

An automated AC system may be a relatively new technology, but it wouldn’t be possible without a split system air conditioner. These systems are connected to homes and businesses and can regulate the temperature of each room. For example, in a hospital, you can easily change the temperature of each patient’s room to ensure that all patients are comfortable and safe.

Smart Window Air Conditioner Unit

General Electric is currently working on a unit that will help turn windows into a resource for controlling the temperature of the house. Window air conditioners may not be new, but GE spending time on them shows how useful this system is. The smart window can be synced with your smartphone, which is convenient because it only turns on when you’re nearby.

Smart Air Vent

Another smart technology introduced is the smart air vent. These vents open and close depending on the temperature of the room. Instead of installing an all-new split system air conditioner, Smart Vent helps to regulate multiple temperatures at once.

Electric Grid System

Private homes and businesses are not the only ones benefiting from advances in air conditioning technology. Instead, grid systems have been introduced to monitor the energy consumption of specific cities and towns. We hope that knowing this information will help you specify the energy where you need it most, and it will help reduce the amount of energy used throughout the country.